Die-Cutting and Embossing


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Through further investment, SJA Film Technologies can now offer Die Cutting and Embossing up to 780mm width on many varied substrates. 

Using a cylindrical die on a rotary press, material can be fed through to cut shapes, cut the material to smaller parts or perforate and crease.

Labels, pads, parts, shapes, etc.. can be supplied individually or ‘kiss cut' on rolls whereby the material is cut through to the release liner at the bottom (the waste can be removed leaving only finished parts on the roll)

With many similarities to label cutting, die-cutting can work with foam tapes (single and double sided), standard tapes (single and double sided), plastics, fabrics, cork and paper to name but a few. Varying materials can also be laminated together to create items for Point Of Sale marketing, protection pads and studs, and hanging devices, etc.



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Die-Cutting and Embossing can also be known as:

  • adhesive die cutting
  • creasing & folding
  • die cut shapes
  • die cutting
  • rotary die cutting
  • label cutting

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Die-Cutting And Embossing Machine