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Utilising state of the art technology, SJA can produce spools and pads from a wide variety of materials on both 12 and 24 head spooling machines.

These machines have the range and flexibility to enable SJA to consistently meet the needs and expectations of customers from different industries and, in many instances, revolutionise their production throughput.

Machines using traditional pads of around 2,500 metres can be converted to use spools of 20,000m giving an enormous reduction in downtime previously caused by reel changes.

Where spools replace pads they need to be unwound for the customers' production process and this can now be easily achieved utilising cost effective single or double-head De-Spooling units built by SJA Film Technologies. These units not only allow the film to unwind in a straight line they also control the unwind tension allowing for greater precision in the final process.

When spools are used in conjunction with these user-friendly De-Spooling Units customers can achieve huge savings because of reductions in both downtime and scrap.

Example - Where 20,000m spools replace 2,500m pads


Spool change 2 minutes - 1 spool per working day and 250 working days per annum

250 x 2 minutes - 500 minutes - 8 hours 20 minutes per annum

Pad change 2 minutes - 8 pads per working day and 250 working days per annum

8 x 250 x 2 minutes downtime - 66hrs 40 minutes per annum or 1.67 working weeks!!


50m lost at end of each spool - 250 spools per annum - 12,500m lost each year

50m lost at end of each pad - 2000 pads per annum - 100,000m lost each year!


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