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SJA Film Technologies are one of the leaders in UK spooling technology.

We currently have state of the art 12 and 24 head traverse wound bobbin machines on site. Both machines are capable of converting extensible / non extensible, adhesive / non adhesive substrates from 2mm through to 40mm width. This technique gives the converter the advantage to change from conventional pancakes (pads) to a bobbin.

Changeover times are made irrelevant by moving from pads (pancakes) to bobbins. Efficiencies can increase up to 1000%, and, waste reduces to as little as 1%.

This method enables the joining together of longer lengths of material, and, in most cases the bobbin meterage can be as much as 40 times the linear metres normally contained on a pancake.


SAVE time.  REDUCE waste.  INCREASE profitability.

  • Unwind diameter = 840mm (12 head) 1200mm (24 head)
  • Unwind width up to 500mm (12 and 24 head)
  • Slit widths 2mm through to 40mm (12 and 24 head)
  • Spool width up to 300mm (12 and 24 head)
  • Spool O/D up to 440mm (12 head) and up to 460mm (24 head)
  • Edge and line guide facility
  • Razor and rotary shear facility
  • 3" (76mm) and 6" (152mm) core facility on both unwind & rewind (12 & 24 head)
  • Full recipe control (12 and 24 head)

Products converted to date - 5 micron though to 5mm (dependant on substrate):

  1. Filmic Substrates
  2. Security Product
  3. Holographics
  4. Release Liner (Filmic and paper)
  5. Foam
  6. Pre Preg Material (subject to conditions)
  7. Paper
  8. Hot Stamping Foil
  9. Label Stock
  10. Water Swellable Tapes
  11. AluPet (Aluminium/Polyester)
  12. Non-woven Tapes
  13. Adhesive Labels and Tapes
  14. Identification Tapes
  15. Carry Handles
  16. Silicone Release Tapes

To assist in the transition of pads to bobbins, we can supply various de-spooling equipment that take the bobbin to a take-off point which enables the tape to be fed straight into the relevant conversion machine. This de-spooling equipment eradicates the uncertainty surrounding changing from pads to bobbins.

We can also apply a secondary release tape to alleviate adhesive seepage layer to layer.

Double wound spool technology is also available.

We can also trade spool your materials to your requirements. Please contact our offices for further details.



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Traverse Wound Bobbins - Spooling can also be known as:

  • Lapping
  • Spooling
  • Coils
  • Cross Wound
  • Level Wound Spools
  • Spool Winding
  • Spools
  • X Wound (XWD)

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Traverse Wound Bobbin

Traverse Wound Bobbin

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Conventional Pad (pancake)

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