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Film Release Liners

Our well established silicone coating facility allows SJA to offer customers a comprehensive range of products.

As well as providing customers the opportunity to purchase silicone coated film from SJA; the coating facility allows them to consolidate orders with one company instead of sourcing each part of the process from different suppliers.

An investment in hi-tech testing equipment by SJA ensures that the high standards aimed for in the coating department are consistently achieved.

Film Types including HDPE, LDPE, PET, CPP, Blown PP, BOPP and MOPP

Typical Market Areas

  • Building and construction (roofing underlay, window film, flooring materials) Bitumen backing film
  • Laminate backing.
  • ‘Clear-on-Clear’ labelling.
  • Secondary Medical applications
  • Composite surface finish/protection film
  • SA floor tile backing film
  • Car door panel inserts

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