Advantages of using eco-friendly packaging

Benefits of using eco-friendly packaging

Packaging plays a key role in the storage and marketing of your product. It keeps produce intact and is an important component of branding — especially if you operate in a tightly contested sector and need to stand out from the crowd.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable movement towards eco-friendly packaging. Consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally savvy, with many now demanding ‘green’ packaging so they can play their part for the planet.

Eco-friendly packaging is more environmentally sustainable because it has less intensive production and disposal requirements. There is less energy input, lower disposal waste, and increased opportunity for recycling.

Below, we outline the main advantages of using eco packaging for your product.

1. Lower your carbon footprint

Environmentally friendly packaging has a lower carbon footprint throughout the entire product lifecycle. The initial production effort requires less energy, but there will likely be fewer transportation emissions, and more favorable disposal methods. In many cases, eco-friendly packaging will be recyclable or biodegradable.

2. Bolster your ‘green’ brand message

Eco-friendly credentials can form a powerful part of your company’s brand. By committing to protect the environment throughout your product lifecycle, you can improve your corporate social responsibility and reach new types of customers. And you can also demonstrate this on your packaging to increase your sales.

3. Become hypoallergenic & non-toxic

Different types of plastics and other synthetic materials can contain traces of toxic elements, such as Phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA). Some people can develop allergic reactions to certain chemicals. But natural, non-toxic packaging is hypoallergenic, making it safer and less likely to cause a reaction.

4. Green packaging lets you be creative

Another benefit of choosing ‘green’ packaging methods is that they allow you to be more creative in your product presentation. Rather than following the crowd and developing uninspiring boxes, bottles and pouches, you can make an impact with innovative designs. This is a sure-fire way to get noticed in your industry.

5. Ensure biodegradability

Synthetic materials like plastic can take thousands of years to decompose in landfill sites. This places a tremendous burden on the environment and regularly impacts wildlife, especially in rivers, lakes, and the sea. Biodegradable product packaging is superior because it is kinder to fragile ecosystems and will not impact on wildlife.

6. Reach new customer segments

Although not the primary focus for choosing eco-friendly packaging, the practice can enable your business to reach new customer segments. There is a growing audience for eco-friendly packaging and companies that place a clear focus on the environment. This can translate into a larger audience for your firm.

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