The global slitting/rewinding market has been tipped to thrive in the coming years

Slitting and Rewinding

The role of a slitting machine is to convert large rolls of material such as plastic film, aluminum foil, papers and other flexible laminates into narrower rolls.

The slitting and rewinding process plays a vital role in the packaging of material for an abundance of manufacturers, and is one of the key services that the expert team at SJA FilmTech are able to provide.

Recently, a report has been published that comments on the projected growth of the global slitting/rewinding machine market. So, in our latest blog post we provide some further information on this report, and let you know why you should look no further than SJA FilmTech for all your slitting and rewinding needs.

The Demand Is Set To Increase Over The Next 7 Years

The Global Slitting Rewinding Machine Depth Research Report is a heavily detailed report, that is published to allow organisations within the converting industry to get a better understanding of upcoming market trends.

By gaining enhanced knowledge on how the global slitting rewinding market could unfold over the coming years, it provides businesses with a stronger foundation to articulate strategies and build for the future.

But less of why the report can be useful, what did the report actually reveal?

Well, perhaps most importantly, it appears that the global slitting and rewinding market has been projected to prosper in the next 7 years.

Specifically, the report reveals that from the end of 2018 to the year 2025, the slitting and rewinding machine market is expected to increase by over £90 million (30%).

SJA FilmTech Will Slit Materials To Your Specification

The specialist team at SJA FilmTech are proud to support many different companies within the converting sector with our industry leading slitting and rewinding services. SJA FilmTech are guaranteed to be able to slit materials to the specifications that you provide.

To find out more information about the high-quality slitting machine services that SJA FilmTech can supply your business with, head over to our dedicated slitting and rewinding page.

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