Medical Packaging Production

Medical Packaging Supplier

Organisations involved in the healthcare industry rely on a constant supply of high-quality medical packaging to enable them to undertake their vital work. As a key component of the healthcare supply chain, at SJA Film Tech, we play an important role in medical packaging production.

High-quality, sterile and secure packaging materials for equipment, samples, and medications requires great expertise, advanced technology, and reliable distribution. This all begins with the medical packaging manufacturing process. In this article, we provide a basic overview of medical packing production and what it entails.

The medical packaging process

Medical packaging refers to the materials and packaging products healthcare providers use to securely hold medical equipment, medications, and other resources.

Medical packaging production is the process of manufacturing items like pouches, bags, containers, wraps, blister packs, rolls, papers, and similar for the healthcare industry. These are used in medical settings or to contain consumer products available via retailers and pharmacies.

Packaging is designed for many different purposes, including to prevent contamination, prevent unauthorised access, prevent spillages, ensure adequate shelf-life, and meet industry and regulatory compliance.

Safety and legal considerations

The nature of the healthcare industry and customer requirements means that bespoke packaging solutions are often required to ensure adequate patient safety and legal compliance.

Production of custom packaging requires great skill, advanced technology and knowledge of the most suitable materials for the task. When patient health is concerned, nothing but the best materials and production processes available will do.

Many customers require bespoke packaging solutions. Custom packaging solutions, such as bespoke medical blister packaging, is vital to meet ongoing demand. Blister packs, in particular, help to maintain security with anti-tamper designs and give effective protection during transportation and storage in different environments.

Medical device packaging

Medical device packaging is used to contain equipment designed for medical procedures. Bespoke medical packaging is often crucial to ensure safety and reliable storage and transportation. Keeping equipment intact, safe, and secure is key to the process. Legal compliance is equally important to consider.

Sterile packaging

Packaging for medical purposes requires containers to be sterile to prevent infection and contamination from external sources.

Sterile packaging is made in an ‘ISO standard’ clean room. This ensures very low levels of particulates like dust and vaporised particles to ensure no contamination. Class 7 or Class 8 ISO clean rooms are recommended for sterile packaging.

Trust SJA Film Tech for medical packaging solutions

SJA Film Tech is a UK-based medical packaging manufacturer with a long track record of producing high-quality medical packaging solutions. Many healthcare providers across the UK and beyond rely on SJA Film Tech to supply off-the-shelf and bespoke packaging for the medical industry.

As a global packaging and film supplier, the company has great experience and expertise in the supply of medical packaging solutions. SJA delivers cost-effective, reliable packing solutions internationally. Delivery is fast with short lead times from the start of manufacture to final distribution. The company has six technical labs and 125+ years experience that ensures the highest quality packaging solutions.