Oxo-biodegradable is safe to recycle

The Oxo-biodegradable Plastics Association (OPA) is continuing to rebuff the European Plastic Converters (EuPC) which said degradable plastic films cause significant impacts to the quality of plastic recyclates

The OPA commissioned analysis by The Roediger specialist laboratory at Stellenbosch, South Africa, which reconfirmed there are two very different types of biodegradable plastic products – compostable (bioplastics), and oxo-biodegradable.

The Roediger analysis concluded: “We have no reason to change the conclusion of our report of 21st May 2012, that plastic products made with oxo-biodegradable technology may be recycled together with conventional oil-based polymers without any significant detriment to the newly formed recycled product.”

Separate collection is not therefore necessary, says the OPA.

The OPA agreed with the EuPC that bio-based plastics cause a significant detriment to the newly formed recycled product if recycled together with non bio-based plastics.

Michael Laurier, chief executive of Symphony Environmental, member of the OPA, told Packaging News his firm had offered to conduct trials with any EuPC member to confirm that they could safely include materials containing oxo-biodegradable technology into their existing plastic waste stream, but had not recieved a reply.

“We have also made the UK government an offer to accept for recycling all oxo-biodegradable and ordinary plastic shopping bags collected in England for recycling, if  the Government decides to impose a levy on plastic carrier bags in England, and exempts oxo-biodegradable plastic from the levy. We are still waiting to hear from DEFRA,” he added.

Article taken from Packaging News – here