Packaging omitted from FSA plan

Article taken from  June 4 2015:

The FSA has published its Strategic Plan, setting out how it will work over the next five years to deliver the goals of the FSA Strategy 2015-20.

“In particular to protect public health and consumers’ interests in relation to food, so that food is safe and what it says it is, that we have access to an affordable healthy diet, and can make informed choices about what we eat, now and in the future,” it stated.

The FSA Strategy 2015-20 reinvigorated the pledge to put consumers first in everything the FSA does, while recognising there are growing challenges around food safety, affordability, security and sustainability.

Food packaging, however, is not mentioned in the document and Foodservice Packaging Association executive director Martin Kersh said it is a surprising oversight as packaging is an important part of food safety. Kersh told Packaging News: “The FSA 5 year Strategic Plan will most certainly contribute towards improving the safety of food to consumers but I’m shocked to see not once is ‘packaging’ mentioned in the entire document. This really does show how much work is needed to persuade organisations like the FSA that safe food needs safe packaging.

“The FSA really does need to take notice of packaging and what it can do to help deliver food safely to the public and play its part, given its resources, in ensuring those selling food understand the need to be satisfied the packaging they use meets food safety legislation.”