The role of sustainable packaging in 2020

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2020 is the year when more people than ever have become firmly fixed on the environment.

With the topic of climate change firmly on the agenda, the role of sustainable packaging has become vital among companies large and small.

In this article, we provide an overview of the subject matter and explain what sustainable packaging is, why it is important, and highlight sustainable packaging materials.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is a term used to describe product packaging that has a limited impact on the environment.

Companies that use sustainable packaging methods aim to have a low carbon footprint across part of or across the entire supply chain.

This ensures there is minimum impact on the environment, from the raw materials used for and during the manufacturing process, right through to the eventual disposal or recycling of the packaging.

Sustainable packaging can be completely recyclable, reusable, or have an eco-friendly production process.

But it is worth noting that few – if any – companies achieve 100% sustainability.

However, what they can do is strive to achieve good sustainability as best they can.

One such example would be using no more than the required amount of packaging.

It is common for some companies to use too much packaging.

Consider the times boxes are far too big for the product they contain!

In these cases, companies should consider downsizing to save materials.

Other brands may decide to move towards using more eco-friendly packaging materials.

Why packaging sustainability is important

Packaging sustainability is important because it helps to lower a company’s environmental footprint, thereby having a positive impact on the environment as a whole.

Packaging sustainability is a balancing act between environmental, economic, and social factors across the lifecycle of a product.

Just because a company claims its product or packaging is good for the environment does not make it sustainable.

Sustainability is a long-term, supply chain-wide approach.

For packaging to be truly sustainable, even the energy produced to make it must be primarily from renewables.

Eco-friendly packaging materials

Since so many consumers now avoid brands that are not environmentally conscious, it makes sense for companies to adopt eco-friendly packaging over materials like plastic.

One such example is cardboard and paper.

Most cardboard and paper comes from sustainable tree stocks, and may already have been recycled prior to use.

They are also nearly entirely biodegradable, making them better for wildlife and the ecosystem.

Plastic alternatives like polylactic acid are also becoming more popular, as are organic fabrics and other biodegradable materials.

That said, it is important for consumers to conduct their own research to guide their buying habits.

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