What does a slitter machine do?

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If you are not fully clued up on the converting industry, the terms ‘slitting’ and ‘rewinding’ may come as something completely new to you. However, if you are included in this bracket of people that aren’t familiar with the slitting and rewinding process, don’t worry as SJA FilmTech can help!

Slitting and rewinding is one of the key services that we provide here at SJA FilmTech, so our team are better placed than most to help answer the question ‘what does a slitter machine do?’.

Therefore, in this blog post our experts provide a simple breakdown of the slitting and rewinding procedure and provide information on how SJA FilmTech can supply your business with a leading slitting and rewinding service.

The role of a slitting machine

The mechanism used for the slitting process is often referred to a slitter, a slitting machine or a slitter rewinder. To put things simply, the main roll of a slitting machine is to convert (slit) papers, film and foil materials so that large rolls of these materials can be cut into narrower rolls.

A slitting machine consists of three main parts; the unwind, the slitter and the rewind. By feeding a large roll of your chosen material through the slitter’s unwind, your material will then unwound, be slit into various widths before being rewound into cores of various widths.

A good example to portray the slitting process in everyday life would be when using an ATM machine. The receipts that you receive from an ATM machine were originally part of a master roll, however after going through the slitting process they are divided into many smaller rolls, which are eventually used to supply a receipt for your transaction.

Industry Leading Slitting & Rewinding Services

At SJA FilmTech, we are proud to supply a variety of different businesses within the converting industry with our leading slitting and rewinding services. Most of the clients that we work with also need materials to be printed, coated and laminated to their requirements.

For more information on the expert slitting and rewinding services that we can provide your company with, visit our dedicated slitting and rewinding page.

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