What is a release liner?

What is a release liner

Most people use release liners in everyday life without noticing. From the plasters we use to cover a nasty cut to the postage stamps that we place on every letter, they are used regularly for small-scale tasks.

Here at SJA we supply silicone release films and papers that are used in various global markets, including mailing bags, construction, medical, adhesives and carbon fibre composites and pride ourselves as being one of the leading UK manufacturers.

However, you may be wondering, what is a release liner? Read below and we will give you all the details you need to know!

What is a release liner?

A release liner is usually made of a thin paper or silicone-based sheet, which holds an adhesive and the face material of a label.

A release coating prevents the adhesive from sticking permanently to the backing, which allows the face material and adhesive to be removed together when a label is ready to use.

Alternatively, film may be used to reduce the overall thickness of a sheet or roll of labels and provide a base that is stronger and more durable than silicone or paper. They are designed specifically to be easy to pull away, without the risk of it falling off on its own.

What are release liners used for?

A release liner is used in a variety of applications and markets. For example, in the graphics market they can be used for labelling on magazines and coupons, where as in construction, they are used for roofing tapes. Other major markets include medical and electronics.

They can also come in different colours, widths, lengths, and sizes to cater to any requirements.

At SJA Film Technologies you can choose from bag release tapes, film release liners and paper release liners to suit your market, whether that be medical, construction, or graphics.

Take a look at what we offer by visiting our Silicone Release Liners page.

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