What is laminated packaging and what is it used for?

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Laminate films for packaging is one of the most popular packaging solutions that we provide at SJA FilmTech. Our team can supply high-quality laminate films for an array of different packaging applications.

But what exactly is laminated packaging and why is it used by a variety of different companies for packaging their products?

The advantages of laminate films for packaging

Laminated film is created by using multiple raw layers of material to create a form of packaging that boasts strong barrier properties.

This, alongside the fact that laminated packaging is extremely strong, flexible and puncture resistant, makes laminate films ideal for packaging and presenting a variety of different products.

Some of the most common products that laminate packaging is used for includes:

  • Frozen foods
  • Drink sachets
  • Snacks
  • Pet food

In addition to this, laminate packaging is also highly customisable, and can be designed to present high-quality prints that are ideal for branding. Despite all this, laminated packaging still provides a traditional more paper-like feel, an attribute that makes laminate film the number one choice for the end consumer.

Secure laminate films with SJA FilmTech

The dedicated SJA FilmTech team have been providing clients within a wide range of industries with leading laminate film services since our establishment back in 2003.

Our commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to achieve a leading position within our industry, and our team currently have over 125 years of experience in product packaging.

We have the capabilities to supply laminate films for a diverse range of packaging requirements and will work closely with your team to find the ultimate laminate packaging solution.

To make an enquiry and benefit off our unrivalled laminate packaging services, please visit our laminate films page today.

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